Behind the scenes

When we hear about a famous person, what’s the first thought that comes to our mind?

“Wow! They’re living the life. Guess that’s what happens when you have loads of money.”

“I wish my life was as exciting as hers.”

“Meh. He’s probably a jerk to everyone.”

Many of us automatically consider these things and form an opinion about the person in question which may or may not be true.

These are all assumptions that we make. More often than not, assumptions stop us from seeing the bigger picture. The problem is that when we make an assumption, it usually leads us to make another assumption. That’s a problem because it doesn’t just happen when we see someone famous. It happens on a daily basis. The new classroom teacher, the first date, the new roommate. One assumption leads to another and soon you find yourself hating them for no reason.

“Why is everyone so nice to her, but not to me?”

“How is that dude earning more than me?”

The mistake we make is comparing someone else’s main performance to our own behind-the-scenes footage.

It’s important not to make assumptions. How? Every time you catch yourself make an assumption, stop. You don’t know the whole story. You don’t know what’s happening to them when they’re not around you. This realization will come in handy.

Thank you for reading.


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