You’re not alone


If I asked you how your life is right now, would your answer be something like “it sucks”?

Student loan, recent break-up, rough neighborhood, small house, unfit body, etc. Do you face any problem in your life that you feel cannot be solved no matter what?

Do you feel broken inside?

Don’t worry. Your problems aren’t over yet. I won’t tell you the one word secret to happiness. I won’t give you a link to the book that has all the steps needed to get out of misery. I won’t point you in the direction of some spiritual healer who will connect your soul to God.

Why not? Simply because they don’t exist. But, here is what I will tell you.

You’re not alone. Of the 7.6 billion humans on this planet, how many do you think are truly happy?

Everybody has problems. You. Me. Our families. Our neighbors. That dude who drives a fancy car. That chick who wears fancy heels. Mark Zuckerberg. Bill Gates. Elon Musk. Jeff Bezos. Tom Cruise. Donald Trump.

You get my point. Everybody has problems. Some people just have better problems than others. Let’s face it. We need problems. That’s how we live. Solve one problem, move on to the next.

Example? Just look at USA and Canada. They’re worried about gender identity. India, on the other hand, is trying to reduce poverty and sex crimes.

I was feeling broken, too. But I realize now. I don’t need to buy a rocket to prove my worth. I need to be content with life. And that’s what I’m working on. It will take time, but I believe I will get there. So will you.

Run the extra mile. Do the extra push up. Read one more chapter of your textbook. Not for others, but for yourself.



  • I encourage you to read the book “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**k” by Mark Manson. It won’t solve all your problems. Actually, it won’t solve any of your problems. However, it may give you a new perspective on life.
  • Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

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