All my life


I always disliked the education system in India. Growing up, I never really took a genuine interest in anything. Except watching cartoons. I almost never understood why I was learning the subjects.

Why do I need to know about Gandhi?

Who cares what the weight of a car on the moon would be?

How will calculus help me buy food?

Will I get a job if I memorize the periodic table?

The only class I sometimes enjoyed was English. Back when there were no Shakespeare plays.

As any sensible Indian student would do, I went into engineering. Been hating it. It’s awesome. I never quit, though. I kept scoring below average on tests. I kept half-assing my way through the assignments.

After getting a bachelor degree, I stayed home for a year and prepared for a test. I cleared it and got into a masters course at a decent enough college. I thought I’d finally be able to shine at a better place. I was wrong. Same old way of teaching, same old way of doing assignments, same old way of testing students.

So, I was planning to start studying after I finished a tv series. And I binged Rick and Morty, then I binged Bojack Horseman. My life froze for a day or two. I finally took a step back and took a long hard look at my life. All I saw was emptiness.

I don’t have any social skills. I don’t have a healthy body. I don’t have any technical skills. All my life, I neglected every important area using studies as an excuse, and I didn’t even study properly.

Well, a little retrospective is a good thing sometimes. I finally realized that the problem was not in the system, but in me. For once in my life, I know what to do.

I’ve started reading more, writing more, and exercising. I’m ready to take a positive turn in my life. I’m ready to be the good example for my future generation that I always wanted to be.

A decade later, I’ll be invited to give a motivational speech in front of thousands of listeners. Everybody will want to know the secret to my success. And I’ll tell them about all my failures. After all, a good life is 99% failure and 1% success.

I promise I wasn’t inebriated while writing this.

Thanks for reading so patiently.

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